Which Taste Better Sushi or Nigiri?

Do you love Japanese foods? Japanese foods are considered one of the most popular food cuisines. If you love foods with unique taste, you’ll love Japanese foods. The long life span of Japanese people is relatively connected with the type of food that they eat. Probably, you are interested to know why there are many people who love Japanese foods. There are many people from different parts of the world who love Japanese foods. Nigiri and Sushi are actually two of the most popular Japanese foods that you should try.


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What is Sushi?

Sushi is a type of Japanese food made of vegetables, cooked rice, seafood and tropical fruits. Japanese people cook sushi in accordance to food ingredients that they want to incorporate. There are several types of sushi. Different types of sushi commonly have cooked rice which they commonly called as Sumeshi or Shari. You can cook sushi using white rice or brown rice. It is often prepare with vegetables and seafood. You can also put raw fish and you can add soy sauce, wasabi and ginger for final garnishing of your sushi.

Nare-zushi is actually the original type of sushi. It was the first sushi in the Southeast Asia. The term sushi actually base from archaic grammatical form and it literally means ‘’sour tasting’’ food. Narezushi is also considered as the oldest type of sushi in Japan.

What is Nigiri?

Nigiri is actually a type of sushi usually made of fresh fish and sushi rice. Sushi rice is being prepared in a hand formed shape and a slice fish on its top. Nigiri sushi is usually consisting of two ingredients such as fish topping and sushi rice. You can use octopus, shrimp, snapper, shad, haddock, eel and tuna as single topping. In some restaurants, the prepare Nigiri sushi with different sauces, condiments and side dishes that add flavor taste to your Nigiri sushi. Nigiri symbolizes harmony and peace. It is one main reason why it is good to give Nigiri as present to couples. It is easy to prepare Nigiri sushi.

Similarities of Nigiri and Sushi

Sushi and Nigiri are two Japanese foods. They both have toppings to add flavor and design to the overall component of foods. Sushi and Nigiri both contain healthy ingredients.

Differences of Sushi and Nigiri

Nigiri is actually a type of Sushi. However, Nigiri differs to other types of sushi because toppings of Nigiri are commonly sliced raw fishes.